Monday 19 December 2011

Comment Spam

One of the things I've discovered since starting this blog, is that there are some people for whom no website, forum or blog cannot be exploited for gain. This site encourages comments from readers, but it has to be said that there aren't many comments being published. It's a shame, but I guess that some people just want to read and not write. The fact that traffic is increasing and that many of the visitors are being referred here via other blogs, Facebook and other social media is positive.
But comments are being left here that I'm not publishing.

This site uses comment moderation - comments have to be approved before being published - and it's a good thing too. Everyday there are comments left here which are really just 'comment spam'. The comments contain some innocuous are often barely literate text - 'this is a good useful nice site, for sharing' - along with a link to another site. Usually the link leads to some company selling something cancer-related: supplements, nursing care, clinics etc.

I think it's really low to try and exploit an anti-cancer site like this - have these people got no conscience?

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