Wednesday 25 April 2012

George - One Year On

Loss. Such a small word to describe such a vast depth of sadness and heartache, but it's the word that best describes what we feel. It's so hard to believe that it is one year to the day that Georgie died. One year. We function now. We go to work, to school, engage with the world. But that sense of loss is with us always; an invisible cloak of sorrow that cannot be shed.

In that year we've made small steps to honour George's memory - such as setting up the TP53 Trust in his name - and have come to know other families with similar horrific histories. With time we hope we can make more progress, to make a real difference in the fight against this evil disease. It won't bring George back - the world will never regain its shape - but if we can help others to avoid the same loss, then perhaps it will make our loss easier to bear. George would have approved.


  1. What a wonderful tribute you have created for George.You are so right about our invisible cloak of sorrow.We keep them close to our hearts our beautiful children.Thank you for everything that you are doing it is greatly appreciated.Noreen