Monday 14 January 2013

Henry Mannings - Successful Appeal

It's with great pleasure that I can report that Dr Henry Manning's appeal to the GMC's Interim Orders Panel has been successful and that all restrictions have been lifted. This is great news as it means that Henry can pick up where he left off treating patients at Star Throwers.

While we all should all be pleased, I can't help but feel angry at the whole affair. Effectively treatment was interrupted for cancer patients with no other options. And, just as importantly it cast a cloud over Dr Mannings professional reputation - one that effected his ability to earn a living in the short term and which may have damaged his reputation permanently in the long term. And why? Because one other doctor took it upon himself to make a complaint that had no foundation. As anyone who reads the transcripts can see, this lone doctor pretended to speak on behalf of his colleagues when in fact he was speaking for no one but himself. Will there be any come back? I'm not holding my breath, but if this doctor had any integrity he'd make a public apology.


  1. Cancer sufferers husband14 January 2013 at 22:23

    I quite agree, the lone doctor who complained should be prepared to name himself and apologise to Dr Mannning.If he does this it will mean he felt justified in the complaint, if not it casts a shadow on every oncologist at the Norfolk @ Norwich University Hospital.

  2. To be fair, some at the NNUH did write in to the GMC in support of Henry Mannings, but I agree, the silence from the doctor who made the initial complaint doesn't look good for the hospital as a whole.