Tuesday 15 January 2013

Statement from Star Throwers

Dr Henry Mannings Restrictions Lifted After Review Hearing

Star Throwers are delighted to declare that all restrictions placed on Dr Henry Mannings imposed after an initial Interim Orders Panel (IOP) hearing on the 27th November 2012 have been revoked.

Back in November, an Interim Orders Panel imposed an order on Dr Mannings to restrict him from prescribing any medication.

At the IOP review hearing on Monday 14th January 2013, Dr Mannings, who represented himself, produced additional scientific evidence to the panel to prove the efficacy and safety of his approach in the cases of the two patients in question. He also reiterated the testimonials from eminent specialists which disagreed with and challenged the allegations made. Furthermore, the petition which has garnered approximately 3000 signatories so far was brought to the panel's attention, along with the hundreds of letters of support written from patients and families of patients.

In their conclusion, the Interim Orders Review Panel wrote: "The scientific papers to which the Panel has been referred indicate that the treatment which you gave was minimally toxic in the dosage you prescribed.

“In light of this additional information it does not consider that you present a risk to the public which makes it necessary to impose an interim order. It considers that an interim order could have a serious impact on you and the patients in your care and the risk posed does not justify these consequences.

“In all the circumstances, the Panel has determined that it is no longer necessary for the protection of members of the public, in the public interest or in your own interests for your registration to be subject to an order. The previous interim order is therefore revoked."

The hearing was held in public at the request of Dr Mannings in order to have full transparency, and was attended by members of the press and supporters of Dr Mannings.

Dr Mannings said after the hearing: "I am obviously very pleased with the common sense shown by the interim panel and their realisation of all the good work that is done at Star Throwers, based on all the evidence that was shown, including the petition and letters of support.

He continued: “We are exceptionally pleased that we will now be treating patients again, but can only hope that the time lost whereby they had not received any treatments will not have any long term consequences. "

The GMC will continue their investigations into the veracity of the allegations and a full hearing may still ensue. In the meantime, however, it is a very positive result for Dr Mannings and his patients.

Star Throwers manager Steven Ho said: “We are delighted at this common sense outcome as we can now go back to work giving the best service we possibly can to our patients and continue our important work looking after people affected by cancer.

“Once again, we would like to thank every single person who signed our petition, wrote a letter of support or helped to spread the word through their friends, families, and the media. We did it!”

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